MECS – Minor Eye Conditions Service, but what does that mean for you?
MECS is a way for local optometrists to manage eye conditions in practice without patients having to
see their GP or visit A and E; in order to qualify for a MECS your symptoms must be of sudden onset
or within the last 3 months.
MECS can apply to any of the following symptoms:
 Red/ sore/dry/watery eyes.
 Discharge from the eyes.
 Itchy eyes.
 Painful/ light sensitivity.
 Flashing lights and floaters.
 Sudden loss or reduction in vision.
 Visual aura/ migraines.
 Double vision.
 Contact lens related problems.
And many more!
A member of our reception staff will run through a series of questions which make up a triage form
in order to decide how soon you need to be seen under MECS or whether you require a normal eye
examination. Either way we’ll do our best to book you in as soon as possible.
At Flint and Partners Optometrists new or existing patients enquiring about the MECS service will
ideally be seen within 48hrs where possible at one of our 3 practices.
At the time of booking you appointment you will be advised on whether you can drive to your
appointment. In some cases, drops which dilate the pupil may be required in order to aid diagnosis
you cannot drive following application of these as your vision will be blurred…….no really!
Where possible the optometrist will advise if your condition can be managed at home by yourself
with drops or if it requires management at all. In cases where a referral is required you will be
advised of the estimated waiting time for the appointment at the Hospital Eye Service (HES), this
depends of the severity and type of the condition.
70% of patients seen under the MECS scheme do not require further appointments and are
discharged after their first visit. Only approximately 10% of patients require urgent referral to HES.