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Low Vision

Flint and Partners Optometrists offer a private Low Vision Service at each practice for the visually impaired which is tailored to individual needs – whether demand is for a little extra magnification for reading or sewing or a hi-tech solution such as the latest CCTV reading system is required, we may be able to help.

Appointments can be made by either: phone, email or visiting one of our four practice locations.

There are few optometrists in the area who deal with low vision, and consequently it can be difficult to cope with reduced vision and find a good local source of interest and expertise.

Flint and Partners are able to offer informal advice and formal assessments of patients with low vision, and supply a wide range of low vision aids.

The need for extra magnification can be discussed at the eye examination, and may lead to a separate low vision consultation and a chance to try out some of the options that are available.

We stock and supply a wide range of visual aids including:

  • simple and inexpensive hand magnifiers (loupes), which can easily be carried in a pocket or handbag

  • aspheric hand magnifiers offer a higher quality of vision

  • illuminated hand magnifiers mean that extra light is built in

  • stand magnifiers are useful for a longer working distance

Designs range from the latest LED illuminated Makrolux from Eschenbach to more traditional Raylite magnifiers; compact distance telescopes and TV specs; electronic aids are cheaper and simpler than previously and can plug in to your TV set to give very high magnification.

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We offer private and NHS Eye Examinations

We offer private and NHS Eye Examinations, each tailored to the individual patient.

Using a combination of traditional methods and the very latest equipment, we aim to give you the best possible vision for all your requirements and ensure the health of your eyes.

Our optometrists each have only a small number of appointments per day, ensuring that every patient is given plenty of time and that all assessments can be done by the optometrist, not by unqualified staff.

Eye Examinations
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