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School Vision

A child’s ability to read to their full potential at school is an important skill. However, many children do not achieve their full potential and suffer problems at school because of challenges with the vision skills required to read.

School vision addresses these challenges. Specifically, it can improve visual performance when reading by studying how the two eyes work together.

It is very important to look after your eyes from a young age. School vision takes this care one step further; it is not only a health check but means of improving a child’s performance at school.

What is involved?

A school vision assessment, in addition to a full eye exam assesses:

  • Any issues/difficulties at school

  • Muscle balance – how the eyes work together

  • The dominant eye – for better reading skills

  • Reading clarity

  • Reading speed

  • Eye alignment whilst reading

  • Light sensitivity and colour preference

How does it help?

The result can help with:

  • Better school performance

  • Increased reading speed

  • Increased self-esteem/confidence

  • Increased concentration

  • Decreased tiredness and anxiety

The NHS does not cover the additional costs relating to school vision. The fee for the School Vision assessment is £50.

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We offer private and NHS Eye Examinations

We offer private and NHS Eye Examinations, each tailored to the individual patient.

Using a combination of traditional methods and the very latest equipment, we aim to give you the best possible vision for all your requirements and ensure the health of your eyes.

Our optometrists each have only a small number of appointments per day, ensuring that every patient is given plenty of time and that all assessments can be done by the optometrist, not by unqualified staff.

Eye Examinations
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