Flint’s save coaches eyesight

We saved the eyesight of the City Boxing coach Flint & Partners in Wolverhampton has saved the eyesight of a prominent city boxing coach Richie had been sparring in the garden with his son and sustained a blow to the right side of his head. A few days later,...

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Dry eyes

Dry eyes are a common cause of presentation for MECS (Minor eye conditions service) appointments, with a wide variation in patient symptoms. Mostly but not exclusively: gritty or foreign body (something in the eye),...

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Bacterial conjunctivitis

Bacterial conjunctivitis – a condition that most adults will have experienced either themselves or through their children! The vast majority of patients presenting at our MECS appointments with bacterial conjunctivitis are children from the age of 3. Classic...

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MECS – Minor Eye Conditions Service, but what does that mean for you? MECS is a way for local optometrists to manage eye conditions in practice without patients having to see their GP or visit A and E; in order to qualify for a...

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Gucci Sunspecs

A timeless Gucci sunglass design arrived from Italy 🇮🇹 . With the "record breaking February temperatures" set for the uk this weekend,you may want to pop into any of our three branches, Tettenhall,Codsall and Wednesfield and treat yourself! Call 01902 422096...

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School Vision

This handsome chap is Henry. Henry was prescribed some fabulous blue lenses through our School Vision Assessment with our Optometrist Keren. It is very important to look after your eyes from a young age. School vision takes this care one step further; it is not only a...

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The Senaptec Sensory Station

The Senaptec Sensory Station is a computerised solution for enhancing sensory skills, which Ed Lyons has customised for his sports vision consultations. Here we are designing training programs for a Premier League footballer and a client with her sights set on the...

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Gucci collection

Flint and Partners are excited to showcase the new Gucci collection! This range combines exceptional quality with fine embellishment and classic colours, all of which are hallmarks of the iconic Gucci brand.  The Gucci collection will be available in our...

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We offer private and NHS Eye Examinations
We offer private and NHS Eye Examinations, each tailored to the individual patient.

Using a combination of traditional methods and the very latest equipment, we aim to give you the best possible vision for all your requirements and ensure the health of your eyes.

Our optometrists each have only a small number of appointments per day, ensuring that every patient is given plenty of time and that all assessments can be done by the optometrist, not by unqualified staff.

Flint & Partners aim to put you, the patient, first - Call us on: 01902 422 096

We strive to offer you the best service, range of frames and lenses, technical know how and expertise to ensure your experience with us exceeds your expectations. As an industry award winning practice, you are in good hands with Flint and Partners. You can get in contact with us by either: phone, email or visiting one of our four practice locations.