Flint’s save coaches eyesight

We saved the eyesight of the City Boxing coach

Flint & Partners in Wolverhampton has saved the eyesight of a prominent city boxing coach

Richie had been sparring in the garden with his son and sustained a blow to the right side of his head.

A few days later, knowing something wasn’t quite right, Mr Carter called Flint and Partners to explain his symptoms and an appointment was arranged for him to attend for a consultation at the Tettenhall Road practice.

Using specialist tests, a tear was found in his retina that could have lead to blindness if left untreated – an appointment was arranged with a surgeon at New Cross within the hour, and his eye was operated on the following morning.

Mr Carter said: “I can’t thank Flints enough, Mr Lyons – the fella who dealt with me – got me sorted straight away, diagnosed my problem and got me into the hospital – he saved the sight in my right eye”.

Anyone with concerns about their eyesight can contact Flints on: 01902 422096

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